Friday, November 13, 2009

Moving on Up

This morning I logged on to my account and there it was! $1.84. Where did that come from? They say there is no way to figure out exactly how you make the money from Google ads and they are right. I can have 100's of visits to my site and my blogs and make a penny. One penny or nothing. And today, only 20 visits and bam, $1.84!

Yesterday I sent out an email to an organization I am a member of, but that didn't return many results. I did have a couple people sign up for my free snapshot from the website so I know they looked it over. And I know that I now have a relationship with them. This is a positive step toward forming a loyalty between viewer and site.

At this point I have earned $3.98 from my website. Far cry from supporting myself with this site, but it is a start. And remember my theory from day one of my posts? When I first started out I made $.67 after 3 days. If I earned that every 3 days, I would earn almost enough money to pay for my website.

Take a look at the figures now:
I published my website on November 1 and have not added any more content (I will be very soon). It has taken me 12 days to earn $3.98. So in another 12 days, if I earn another $3.98, I will have made $7.96! That means my website is free since I only pay $6.95 a month through Bluehost. That means I made a profit!

It still isn't that impresive, but I think once all my new content goes in, the visits will increase even more.

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