Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Newsletters Keep You Connected to Your Customers and Are a Great Marketing Tool

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In today's world, it isn't enough to offer good service or quality products. With the Internet so prevalent, consumers can shop anywhere. They no longer have to shop local so you can't rely on just local advertising. You need to establish relationships with your patrons. You have to stand out from the others and stay on their minds.

Having a newsletter keeps your customers involved with your business. It lets them know you care about them, you're active in what you do, and that you have something to offer. There are millions of websites and businesses out there. And if its one thing I know, once they are gone you may not see them again. Not because it isn't a good site. It's just hard to remember the sites you really like and to come back to them. Once someone leaves your website or even your brick and mortar store, they are gone. If only you had their email address to keep giving them information, keep them coming back, and keep them spreading the word about you.

Newsletters are a popular way of keeping customers interested in your company. And a lot of businesses have them in place already. To create a newsletter all you need is a mailing list, content, and the ability to send out the letter on occasion right? Pretty close. Granted these are the main ingredients but you need to consider each step and make sure nothing is getting missed, a wrong email address due to bad information, spam blockers, managing the address book, the subscribes and un-subscribes, and continue to run your business. There's a lot of time and planning that goes in to a newsletter when you do it yourself, but you don't have to.

AWeber is a professional communication service that provides the management , distribution, and education of newsletter marketing. They offer a lot of features that turn your newsletter in to a great marketing tool that you can analyze and improve through AWeber's features. Check out all the free help articles they provide!

Right now, how do you know that your customers are reading what you send them? With AWeber you can see the statistics for the number of people who opened your email, clicked on a link, or who just deleted your email without viewing it at all. This gives you excellent insight in to your viewers interests.

If you have more than one business, or campaign, that's okay! AWeber still will only charge you based on the number of subscribers. And it's so easy to manage the different campaigns with a simple click of the mouse. You can measure the interest of different events, newsletters, and more!

Of all the features they offer, I would have to say my two favorite are they take care of the entire subscribing/unsubscribing process and you are able to preset when your messages are delivered. This will come in handy if you go on vacation or just like to plan ahead. You can preload as many messages as you need and select the date they will be sent! Voila! You're done. Now you have time to focus on other parts of your to do list.

AWeber has it down pack when it comes to getting mail delivered to your customers. They have relationships that they constantly monitor to avoid emails being blocked from spam blockers. A lot of the newsletters I subscribe to get blocked and put in my junk mail. It is a never ending battle for emailers, but they help.

Some people hesitate when thinking about starting an email newsletter campaign for their website or business. They fear they can't get the content each week or month, but as AWeber points out, you already have most of it. And they show you how through tutorials and their own free newsletter. Here are some free aticles from AWeber.

Anyone trying to establish a relationship with their patrons, whether online or through a store front, should consider trying AWeber. Their 30 day $1 trial gives you time to try it out. Check out their templates to customize the look and feel of your weekly newsletter. Stand out! Be recognized! Get them to come back!

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