Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties Are Expected

I have temporarily stopped working on my website. I am rebuilding it to provide a better service to my viewers. I want to give opportunity to leave comments on my articles and make it more interactive. I can get people to it, but they aren't staying on it. I wish there were no back buttons. So many people back out of a site instead of seeing what is offered on the inside of it. That is my dilemna. I have too many topics, according to the pros but I don't want to limit myself. I love to write about everything and this way I can!

Going forward with this attitude, I think my site will be a success. If I concentrate on adding content to the sections I have, I will build followers, for the various areas. Poetry for the poets, Alzheimer's for the caregivers and patients, business tips for new businesses trying to create a presence on the web, web design information for the designer or client, and other random writes that I liked and wanted to share.

Bottom line, it's my place. I want to feel comfortable in it and selling out my true self and what matters to me, wouldn't be right. I am my boss so it's my rules!

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